Council of Editors of Learned Journals


There are two types of memberships in CELJ:

  • Full Membership is for those serving as the lead or managing editor at any academic journal—the primary decision-maker(s) at a single journal. Every journal is required to pay one full membership before any additional associate memberships can be purchased, and editors of multiple journals are required to have one Full CELJ membership for each journal. 
  • Associate Membership is for additional members of journal staff; graduate student editors; adjuncts, unemployed, and independent scholar–editors; editor retirees and alumni editors.

Each level of membership includes the same benefits, and  Journals can maintain as many memberships for its editorial staff as desired.

Benefits include the following:

  • Members-only listserv for editorial discussions
  • Eligibility for the annual awards competition, subject to published guidelines
  • Listing and link to your journal on the CELJ website
  • Opportunity to serve as an advisor for CELJ's Chat with an Editor event at MLA and other events
  • Special advertising rates in the Times Literary Supplement scholarly journal issues
  • Access to CELJ's mediation service
  • Access to members-only webinars and workshops throughout the year

If you have questions about becoming a member or renewing your memberships, please contact a CELJ staff member.

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